Why burn rubber on the road?

While cycling to Leh

Recently I took up cycling seriously and did few long distance trips and expedition. It is not only about strength and paddling from Manali to Leh and Khardung La (known as One of the highest motorable roads for tourist at 18300feet) but it is all about burning rubber on the tarmac. Be it bicycle or bike, it is beyond what is seen, observed and experienced.
After paddling about 4000km in about a year and 4 months, after riding motorbike for more than 70,000km in about 8 years now it seem just beyond addition or just a road trip or an exploration drive. It is more than what it literally seem or directly feel or even just talked about. It is not about kilometers on the ODO it is something that shakes you, touches your soul and makes you what you are.
Riding on good, bad, ugly and no road is not just test of balancing, not a test of power but it is a debate that you have with your mind, it is an argument between thoughts in your mind. One you say, “Stop! Return enough of abuse!” other you the cruel one say, “I decided, Lets just give it a try!” It is all about mite of the thought and victory over weaker. Challenges on the road mainly tests intentions of the rider, if the intentions are clear and will is with the rider destination is a cakewalk.
Riding is never only about destination; it is an opportunity to talk to self, meditate and opportunity to abuse self in disturbed mental condition. It is machine over mind, be it motorbike or bicycle, the high altitude where motorbike struggle to climb and rider with lungs power breath out and give push to reach high altitudes with not seen tarmac on the road. It is not something planned, property of physically fit cyclists, it is an act by pure intended soul.
Riding is not about counting kilometers, neither is it about reaching peaks it is more about pure intent, will to conquer those fears and showcase strength to weaker self that kept on saying you can not do it.