Trying to decode failure…

I failed an exam; studied a lot, prepared very well but failed. I passed an exam; got an admission in one of the best institution. I studied well putting all my efforts. Complete consciousness towards what I am up to, help me achieve my goals. Stretching limits; physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually to reach to my goals will surely result in something. This something may be a product I create or grades I achieve. Ratio of failure or success we measure based of number of grades we get, kind of appreciation we receive out of our work. But what is a Failure actually?

I studied 16 or 18 hours a day. I completely concentrated towards achievement of the goal. I balanced my day and night, daily activities and social life. Tried to be of use to near ones, tried to give warmth when needed and showed kindness. I am always taught not to be selfish but at the same time I am advised to shoot with concentration of Arjun of Mahabharata. The concentration, dedication and of course skills will take us to achieve the fish eye. The ultimate target!


I do that; work hard, read hard, get exhausted, I sweat, I bleed but never louse focus from the goal. I work till last hour of the day, last blink of my eye. Day and night hardly make difference towards achievement of the goal with all the balances in life. Yes the target will be achieved, surely; purely because of efforts, bleeding, seating and untiring efforts. Once is achieved either appreciated or abused. But something is achieved. Those honest efforts do result into something and something that will surely help me grow in life.


But I failed; I failed because there is no one to feel happy when I am, no one feels nervous when I feel the same, when no one with me to feel failure when I fail and no one to feel proud when I am appreciated. Yes I louse. I fail. There cannot be a bigger failure in life than no one besides, feeling the same what you are going through!