Tamasha – A very good movie, but I strongly disagree

TamashaRecently released movie Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali starring Ranbir and Deepika in lead role. The movie is very well portraying our life, how we are living like Robot and do not know who we are. Everyday is just the same, which makes our life monotonous.
The movie broadly talks about how well we are caught in our routine and forgot who we are and what we love. We don’t do what we love to do and end up living life like a robot. And the film concludes with robot becoming man, the man who does exactly what he loved and wanted to do in life.

I do not agree with the story, this does not mean I did not like the story but what is being narrated and concluded is absolutely misleading I say this because I consider my self never becoming a robot.

I have done exactly what I have loved in my life. I have made things that I loved to do as my profession and it as surely made all my friends feel envy, I have loved working there and excelled but then why did I leave those jobs? I ended up becoming Robot.

I love photography, I worked in one of the best photography magazine, I was paid to take photographs, I was encouraged to shoot, meet photographers and learn more and more about photography then why did I leave that job?

Mr. Ali, here is the answer to the simple question that you have raised in the minds of every viewer of your movie Tamasha. I loved photography, worked as photographer and I turned robot because my life had started becoming monotonous. If you like a chocolate does not mean you keep eating it every day!

Then I found travel to be another area of my interest, started working as a Researcher and got to travel extreme interiors of the country and I turned robot because that became my routine. Again I wanted to pursue photography but this time for media, so worked with newspaper as a photographer cum journalist and turned a robot.

It is not always about doing full time what you love to do, it makes you robot because that becomes your routine and then end up getting monotonous. I feel it is more appropriate to pursue what you love to do with what you do. Instead of changing your life/career, it is better to add spice and fun into you robotic life and feel alive.
If I love photography and work in bank, why can’t I be happy? I would continue working during 8 hours of job and then spend time for photography, I will sped weekends for my love for photograph and not let my life be like Robot. I work as a city reporter and I love traveling, why cant I excel in my job, work heard, gather leaves and pursue my passion of riding my bike on the highest road in the world by taking leave for a month! I won’t be living my life as robot then. Do I?

I need you all my readers to vent your heart out and react to this view of mine. I may be right, wrong, misleading but I did not agree with how Imtiaz Ali concluded TAMASHA.