Selfy or selfishness?

Feeling, has becomes such a common and used word that we have perhaps lost its meaning, seriousness and may be even importance. In the age of 30 years what I have learnt about this word ‘feeling’ is very simple; it is something that moves my heart. This literally means ‘an emotional state or reaction’ which is according to me is used for relationships. But many times the word is interpreted as ‘feeling: an idea or belief, especially a vague or irrational one’ for relationships which is also a dictionary meaning. The word has lost his real essences in the new age generation who feel it is cool to use Whatsapp, share feelings on Facebook status and express emotions on Instagram selfies. Yes! these mediums inject feeling of heroism and bravery into an individual for each and every idiotic task of his.

I feel myself fortunate to have born in the year or decade when I was born. I am at least away from these necessary evils of our life. While in conversations with 6-7 years younger boys it makes me laugh and at the same time throws me into deep sorrow the way they interpret ‘feeling’. They don’t feel anything for someone, whom they know for 6 months, but at the same time they don’t even feel the tears of elder sister who has brought him up! No this generation do not feel for those who have made you what you are, the birth givers, the elders, the family, the cousins!!! Whereas each and every one responsible for upbringing of this boy can feel for that 6 months old relationship and bleed tears. 

How cool it is to say, ‘aaaah… I have not got the feeling for her yet!!!’ I proudly call myself modern, family person and yes a Businessman!

I am fortunate to not have born 6-7 years later; else I was also one of these cowards, afraid of marriage, afraid to build a lifelong relationship and on top of all use word like ‘feeling’ like a piece of crap. To me now, the word has utmost value in our life. It does not only build a relationship but it builds the entire human being. Feeling for someone; is something that not everyone can do and I am proud to have that sensitivity in me. This new age technology, pseudo modernist or social media has at least not ruined it. I am grateful to my parents and peers that I have never built an attitude of feeling envious, competitive or inferior by seeing something better happening with my surrounding people. At the same time I am fortunate to have an attitude to give maximum respect to the feelings of people around me, people I love and people I respect.