From a dream to execution

Every moment, every day, every week, month and year we dream, think, decide but very few of them we actually execute. Some we forget, some are beyond our reach to chase and some live long in hibernation in subconscious.

A long-lived dream, that woke up, subconsciously pushed me towards its planning which is getting executed now and I am all set to execute it with full strength. I dreamt of cycling in 2008 while riding my bike from Delhi to Leh. Saw a few foreigners, individuals cycling alone in terrene where it was extremely difficult to breath for me. These few individuals of couples were paddling hard on their fancy bicycles. I never thought I would want to do that ever in future.

The sight left such an impact that the moment I saw a beautiful cycle a few year back, I started chasing a thought that was vaguely existing in my memory like dream, where those one or two individuals were cycling all alone on one of the most beautiful but extremely difficult roads.

The same dream turned into a thought and then a mission to test my endurance, will pour, ability to plan and lead which has come to an execution level now. After over 6 months of physical training, planning of over 4 months and last one month of preparation for back up, has come to an end to execute everything that was in the mind somewhere. The trip is starting on 27 July, 4am as planned and thought about a year back sitting in previous workplace, with frustration on work and monotonous life.

Now it is all set to add excitement, challenge and strength to life. Leaving for my ultimate adventure so far, going to Manai from Gandhinagar with my cycle with over 100kg of load filled the back of my car to support me and two of my buddies who will be supporting me while I am paddling from Manali to Leh. Over 550km of cycling in over 10 days and will be crossing 6 most difficult mountain passes to reach World’s Highest Motorable Road – Khardung La.