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Day 2 Marhi to Keylong 80Km

  while Parth Chaudhary took this selfie us brushing our teeth, it was evident that I did not use brush as we had forgotten my brush in hotel in Manali and there was not place we could find new until 7 days.   The second day dawned on us with heavy rains and heavier winds. A heavy breakfast in the cool breeze of the morning gave me sufficient energy and motivation to begin my 17 KM climb to Rohtang La. […]

Day 1 Manali – Leh

We began our day at the crack of dawn, after the preparation I was all set to begin my ride at 7.30 a.m in the morning. The track was from Manali to Marhi a journey of 42 kilometres. Being the first day of ascend, the journey was certainly challenging but the scenic view made my day. I cycled towards the Rohtang Pass. crossing Manali, Bahand and Kothi. I cycled my way till Gulaba, where we stopped for our first break […]

Prep in Manali, full of challenges before heading on highway

There were two days planned at Manali to prepare for the the trip 29 and 30 July. Final preparation and final workout just before getting onto the highway leading to Leh.  After over 2000km drive with cycle in the car from Gandhinagar to Manali it was important to get body used to cycling, final testing of the cycle and shopping of fresh food item were important during these two days.   On the first day in Manali, I stated my […]

Efforts to make trip successful

Nine days of cycling, from Manali to Leh and then to Khardung La one of the highest motorable roads in the world was not simple as it sounded. This needed a lot of preparation, physically, mentally, monitory and logistics. More than six months of physical preparation, I chose not to take any experienced rider’s help as the trip was being planned to test my understanding of cycling, mountain and test of will to conquer all the challenges faced in the […]

From the trip diary of a dreamer: Final day of packing and embarking on the journey 27July 2015

‘From the Trip diary of a dreamer’ is experiences, incidents that I faced during my solo cycle expedition from Manali to Leh, starting from July 27 2015 to August 9 2015. Different pages from the diary will be shared here time and again. It is a journey of patience, passion and willpower, where riding solo to cross 6 high altitude mountain passes and gained 12000feet height starting from 6000 feet at (Manali) to 18300 (Khardung La) ahead of Leh. Dreams, […]

Why burn rubber on the road?

Recently I took up cycling seriously and did few long distance trips and expedition. It is not only about strength and paddling from Manali to Leh and Khardung La (known as One of the highest motorable roads for tourist at 18300feet) but it is all about burning rubber on the tarmac. Be it bicycle or bike, it is beyond what is seen, observed and experienced. After paddling about 4000km in about a year and 4 months, after riding motorbike for […]

Tamasha – A very good movie, but I strongly disagree

Recently released movie Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali starring Ranbir and Deepika in lead role. The movie is very well portraying our life, how we are living like Robot and do not know who we are. Everyday is just the same, which makes our life monotonous. The movie broadly talks about how well we are caught in our routine and forgot who we are and what we love. We don’t do what we love to do and end up living life like a […]

From a dream to execution

Every moment, every day, every week, month and year we dream, think, decide but very few of them we actually execute. Some we forget, some are beyond our reach to chase and some live long in hibernation in subconscious. A long-lived dream, that woke up, subconsciously pushed me towards its planning which is getting executed now and I am all set to execute it with full strength. I dreamt of cycling in 2008 while riding my bike from Delhi to […]

Selfy or selfishness?

Feeling, has becomes such a common and used word that we have perhaps lost its meaning, seriousness and may be even importance. In the age of 30 years what I have learnt about this word ‘feeling’ is very simple; it is something that moves my heart. This literally means ‘an emotional state or reaction’ which is according to me is used for relationships. But many times the word is interpreted as ‘feeling: an idea or belief, especially a vague or […]

Trying to decode failure…

I failed an exam; studied a lot, prepared very well but failed. I passed an exam; got an admission in one of the best institution. I studied well putting all my efforts. Complete consciousness towards what I am up to, help me achieve my goals. Stretching limits; physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually to reach to my goals will surely result in something. This something may be a product I create or grades I achieve. Ratio of failure or success we […]