Monthly Archives: July 2014

Selfy or selfishness?

Feeling, has becomes such a common and used word that we have perhaps lost its meaning, seriousness and may be even importance. In the age of 30 years what I have learnt about this word ‘feeling’ is very simple; it is something that moves my heart. This literally means ‘an emotional state or reaction’ which is according to me is used for relationships. But many times the word is interpreted as ‘feeling: an idea or belief, especially a vague or […]

Trying to decode failure…

I failed an exam; studied a lot, prepared very well but failed. I passed an exam; got an admission in one of the best institution. I studied well putting all my efforts. Complete consciousness towards what I am up to, help me achieve my goals. Stretching limits; physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually to reach to my goals will surely result in something. This something may be a product I create or grades I achieve. Ratio of failure or success we […]